MOSS Search not working after installing SSL

January 16, 2008

We had finally installed (and enforced the use of) our SSL certificate on our main production MOSS box, but I couldn’t figure out why the search was then completely down. It wouldn’t return *any* results, which was more than a bit frustrating. I had even made sure that in the Content Source I explicitly pointed it to https://servername/

So what can you do?

Thanks to this post I happened to find, I neeed to tell the search crawler to ignore certificate warnings — this is because as it searched on itself, it wasn’t using the FQDN that was written on the certificate, only the servername itself … which would understandably cause a certificate warning message. Mark Andrew’s post reads:

Try Application management/manage search service and under farm level search settings there is a checkbox to ignore SSL certificate name warnings

Once again … a key feature, sort of buried away down in the bowels of MOSS. But at least the option is there:


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