Here are some of the MOSS 2007 projects we are undertaking at the International, in no particular order:

  • Plugging in an elaborate InfoPath form to MOSS for collecting political check requests. Sends to a workflow which carries form through about six layers of approvals and tracks each request.
  • Creating a new InfoPath form to submit directly to an SQL database. This will be used for locals to submit data on a monthly basis, and will be hosted directly in MOSS.
  • Reconfigure the login on one production MOSS server to use forms authentication, but plug the forms into an ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider so that AD still gives us users — but with a prettier login page (and without having to use the DOMAIN\ prefix!)
  • Moving our main Intranet MOSS server to a 5-server farm. 3 IIS boxes and 2 clustered SQL boxes. This will be a big and tedious job.
  • Continued use and development of the CKB, where contracts and contract-related docs live in a searchable/filterable library. Users can also dive into it through pre-filtered links from UnionWare.
  • Conversion of old ASP phonebook/locator applications into MOSS. Will probably make this a “mashup” where we add some Google Maps or Live Earth mapping with each local or regional office.
  • More to say, but I’ll add them later…

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